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Covey Associates Engineering Services

Whether you intend to build a house, commercial or industrial complex, buildings, bridges, or roads, you’ll need an efficient team of civil engineers. Anything and everything that has to do with construction resides in the field of civil engineering. But, what is civil engineering?

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Simply put, civil engineering is a discipline tasked to ensure that any construction efforts result in optimal use of resources. From the design phase throughout actual construction, civil engineers make certain that everything built complies with strict local and international building codes, thus ensuring the preservation of the environment and safety of the public.

In this aspect, Covey Associates Pty Ltd. composed of a team of highly efficient civil engineers dedicated to ensure all of our projects are completed within the set boundaries of local and international building codes.

Our mission is to create and apply workable solutions for every project no matter the complexity. To accomplish this, we act as a one-stop-shop for our clients. We provide complete engineering services that include, but are not limited to:

We provide our clients with professional advice, quality designs, highly efficient project management and planning, and most of all, quality construction services.

Our civil engineering teams at Covey Associates are highly experienced, as we’ve accomplished projects in just about any terrain from Australia to the Middle East. We have handled major infrastructure projects, such as bridges, industrial and commercial facilities, and residential complexes.

Over the years, Covey Associates has received numerous awards from international organizations for our portfolio of high-quality projects. The secret to our success is simple: dedication to quality and our clients. Though are services comprise of the full spectrum of civil engineering, our clients expect one thing from us – quality results. This is what our clients have received and this is what we can provide you.



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