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The lure of technology


The story of the development of the remote-controlled electronic lure in greyhound racing is one of persistence, adaption of leading-edge technologies and an understanding of the need to improve safety in the infrastructure of the industry. It started with two Australian industry innovators and culminated in the thoughts and ideas of a young graduate Queensland mechanical engineer. It's a story of initiative, innovation and Australian design and manufacturing.


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Nambour Heritage Tramway

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Covey Associates is proud to be associated with the new Nambour Heritage Tramway which is currently underway in Nambour.   Coveys will oversee and collaborate extensively with a range of specialty engineers, tradesperson and in particular with Mr Russell Anderson on the build.

Check out the latest news articles on the Nambour Heritage Tramway tram:

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Congratulations Anthony - iAward - Merit Winners 2021

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Big congratulations to Anthony for his effort in being a “Merit Winner” in the iAwards (Australian Innovation Digital Awards) on behalf of Covey Associates on 23 June 2021.

Anthony was assisted in this by Tecoda in the programming side.

The competition was extremely strong and although we were not the winner in this segment, the actual winner had spent 2.5 years developing their software and subsequently sold it to large American Water & Waste companies.

In our case, Anthony has spent only four (4) months in the development of the Ember – Fire Analysis Software so to come second, is a huge endorsement for his work.

Well done Anthony.

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