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Cutters Ridge Estate

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Cutters Ridge Estate in Bli Bli provides an excellent example of how residential developments can offer affordable housing options as well as valuable public infrastructure for the broader community. Close consultation between the developer, local Council, Corporate Landscapes and Covey Associates has delivered high quality open space areas throughout the estate to complement the naturally beautiful area.

The Cutters Ridge Estate features a total of 2.6 hectares of public open space and recreational facilities, worth over $2.3million to Sunshine Coast Council. These facilities serve to provide a valuation community asset.

The estate’s recreational facilities include two playground facilities, and beautiful walking trails along Petrie Creek to a viewing area over the waterway. Extensive revegetation to the riparian area of Petrie Creek and attractive streetscaping was completed for the residents of Cutters Ridge Estate to enjoy.

There are 170 home allotments for a range of home buyers and investors.

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