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Unity Water With Covey

Unitywater are changing their procedures on how water and sewerage connection applications for development projects can be assessed and processed. Unitywater’s Accreditation and Certification system endorses Private Certifiers to assess water and sewerage connection applications at different stages of a development.  

Covey Associates Pty Ltd has a number of staff accredited by Unitywater under the categories of ‘Major Connections’, ‘Minor Connections’ and ‘Construction Certifier’, who are able to assess and approve water and sewerage applications in parts of South East Queensland within Unitywater’s authority area.:

  • Moreton Bay
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Noosa

Covey Associates Pty Ltd is able to assess water and sewerage applications for:

  • residential,
  • commercial and industrial,
  • small and large subdivisions, including Master planned developments;
  • changes to existing approvals;
  • planning applications (connection approvals); and
  • operational works applications (networks approvals).

The following services are offered by Covey Associates Pty Ltd:

  • New Water and Sewer Applications- (residential buildings, commercial units, subdivisions (minor and major connections))

The majority of developments require a water and sewer connection approval. We can offer a comprehensive service to manage the application and assessment of water and sewer connection approvals for your project.

  • Change to Existing Approval (Water and Sewer)

Sometimes a development approval is amended and it already has a water and sewerage connection approval in place. If changing the planning approval results in an inconsistent water and sewerage connection approval, it will also need to be amended, We are able to assess amendments to water and sewerage approvals, where these relate to changes to conditions of existing approvals, or to make them consistent with planning approvals.  

  • Construction Certification

During construction we can carry out site inspections as required and at the completion we can then provide certification that the works complies with the conditions of the approval and is ready for asset handover.

  • Certificate of Completion

We can provide certificates of completion where these are required under a condition of a development approval.

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