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Dispute Resolution with Covey Associates

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Dispute Resolution - Adjudication / Security of Payment

Although we work to prevent disputes wherever possible, our experienced staff can also help you with dispute resolution. All Australian jurisdictions have now implemented legislation designed at providing a mechanism for more rapid payment for builders, subcontractors and suppliers of construction related goods and services.

We have an adjudicator on staff, Ms Kerstin Offergeld, who is registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and experienced in acting for clients throughout all stages of the adjudication process on the following matters:

  • drafting contracts to enhance our client’s ability to utilise the security of payment legislation and protect their exposure to adjudication;
  • assisting clients with the preparation of payment claims and payment schedules;
  • preparing adjudication applications and adjudication responses including supporting material;

The current security of payment legislation will be repealed in December 2018 and replaced with the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017.  Ms Offergeld is up to date with the amended legislation and the ever-developing court decisions affecting the security of payment legislation in Queensland, and can assist claimants and respondents no matter how large or small the dispute.

If you would like more information on security of payment matters please contact us.


Dispute Resolution – Development matters

Dr Jennifer Mullaney has recently been appointed as a Development Tribunal Referee for the Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committee under the new Planning Act 2016. As only one of fifty new referees appointed throughout Queensland by the Department of Housing and Public Works, Dr Mullaney is able to assist our clients to review conditions on development approvals, enforcement notices, infrastructure charges notices and building approvals. In her role as a Development Tribunal Referee she is required to review appeals relating to:

  • Building development applications and approvals
  • Development applications and approvals
  • Enforcement notices
  • Infrastructure charges
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Water and sewer connections

If you would like more information on how we may be able to assist you with development matters please contact us.

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